Not only for our children but out of conviction we act environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Each day, more and more people decide that in order to „eat good“ not only it has to taste good. The origin, handling and the processing of the food play a larger role as well.

What we eat shall be produced sustainable and with respect towards the animal and the environment, as often as possible from the region. If you, not only in the restaurant, value organic, regional and fair-trade food you will recognize that conscious eating is very rewarding.

Each Year we are controlled and rewarded from the «Goût Mieux» Foundation.


The heating and warm water we obtain from the district heating plant in Speicher which works on wood chips from the surrounding forests.

The electricity we obtain from SAK, the local power company. It comes from Swiss hydro-, wind- , sun- and biomass power plants.

In the Hotel we use only bed linen and bath towels from organic grown cotton. The blankets and pillows are made from organic wool.

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